This coaching program is designed to be completely customized to you to help build a foundational understanding of nutrition and your individual nutritional needs. We will dive deeper into goals by examining mindset - identify your WHY, your core values, and any limiting beliefs. 

Become an active participant and the driver of your own health

Instead, you will learn to embody body love and respect, intuitive eating and movement. We will work together to help you develop a long term wellness vision. I will help you cut through all the online noise related to nutrition and develop clarity on what's true and what is best for you individually, not what someone else says you should do. Lasting behavior change can be hard - we break goals down into smaller weekly mini goals that help you develop habits you will need to reach your long term goals, celebrate small wins and reflect on your progress and development. 

You will learn how to break up with the dieting and “all or nothing” mentality that keeps you stuck in a cycle. 




60-75 minute Initial Wellness Consultation

Weekly 45 minute follow up phone or Zoom coaching calls

Custom macronutrient calculation (based on lifestyle factors + goals)

Access to my exclusive Meal Prep Club for the duration of coaching

Ongoing meal guidance and support

Weekly Check-ins via online messaging portal

2x/week Food + Mood journal reviews

Guidance on a movement/exercise routine that integrates with your goals


hear from my past clients

“I wanted to see how much of a difference a change in diet can make in my fitness program. I've been working out for a while and was not happy with my progression. In one month I have totally seen more change than I have seen in years! Not only in my body, but the way I feel, and the way I see food now! My cholesterol has dropped over 30 points which is huge!! And overall I feel great. This has been a great experience for me, it did a lot more than expected and I am going to continue to choose healthier foods and thanks to the program it now feels simple and natural.” -  Karinna Post

It feels simple and natural

“I've had a lifelong obsession with my weight and how/what I eat. I've tried a lot of different eating plans over the years and have had some success physically but little success mentally. Food has consumed me, instead of the other way around. Alexa has taught me how to eat healthy, but, more importantly, has helped me develop the mental tools and self-awareness I needed to create a healthy relationship with food...and she did this all with delicious food and flexible menus. I've finally found "Food Freedom," as Alexa calls it. I now control of food, it doesn't control me. I feel better, look better and function better. She has truly changed my life.” - Kellie Milliken

I finally found "Food Freedom"

“I was seeking a nutrition coach to help me achieve my desired physique and gained a new perspective on food, my body, how my emotional well being connects to my physical body and the importance of self love. She is extremely knowledgeable about anti-inflammatory foods, ingredients and supplements. In addition her disarming personality coupled with "tuff love" makes her an ideal coach - I would highly recommend Alexa if you are looking to dig deep, do the work and make some positive changes.” - Lyndsey Cusack

I gained a new perspective

“Alexa cares about who you are as a person and wants the absolute best for you. I knew this program was the best for me because Alexa carefully picks out the plans and the recipes and keeps it very interesting. I feel working with this program has helped me to learn about how food affects my body, how much I should be eating, how to food prep, how to stay away from temptation. If someone were on the fence I would say DO IT! There are so many benefits, you will learn how to feed yourself, learn how food affects you, learn that it is okay to live and enjoy yourself.” -  Alexa Lagrotteria

You will learn how to feed yourself

“Because of Alexa, I learned to love good, whole foods again. My background was in macro-based dieting - aka, I ate ‘anything that fit my macros.’ This led to gut issues, inflammation and a major lack of care for the food quality I was consuming. In three months under Alexa’s incredible care and guidance, I shifted my relationship with food to one that best served my body - in a way that’s ACTUALLY sustainable long-term. Best part: I lost a considerable amount of weight in the process and I feel healthier than I have in a very, very long time.” - Lauren Bordelon

I learned to love whole foods again


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